Pugliese Law Firm

Since its birth in 1915 the Pugliese Law Firm has consecutively been run by four generations of lawyers: Salvatore Pugliese, Edoardo Pugliese, Andrea Pugliese and Emilia Pugliese. Our office is in Rome, at the corner of Via Alessandro Farnese and Via degli Scipioni, just one block away from the Civil Court.

Its policy is based on a close lawyer-client relationship and fitted with up to date skills in order to accomplish each task at its best. Traditionally, the firm has always dealt with civil law cases, although, thanks to Emilia Pugliese, contribution and cooperation it is now possible to aid customers even in criminal law cases.

Administration, book-keeping and answering services are managed by two qualified employees with twenty-years experience of working in this office. As for the judicial activities to be done in law-courts different from those in Rome, Pugliese Law Firm makes use of a well-tried network of correspondents distributed throughout Italy as well as in several foreign countries.

The Law Firm is electronically linked to:

  • data processing centre of CED (Corte di Cassazione) as for legislative jurisprudential research;
  • information systems of: CED, Corte di Appello, Tribunale, Giudice di Pace, TAR e Consiglio di Stato;
  • CERVED, Chamber of Commerce data information and list protests;
  • LEXTEL- legal professional services;
  • Quadra Solution Electronic Civil Trial;
  • Pluris Wolters Kluwer Cedam database- Utetgiuridico.

Correspondence Languages: Italian, English, French and German.